Monday, February 16, 2009

Homofashion ♥ Calvin Klein Fall 09 Jackets


Calvin Klein is known for not only coming up with new designs, but for experimenting with new fabrics and processes. The Calvin Klein Menswear Fall 2009 runway show at New York Fashion Week showcased one of these fashion-forward designs, boxy-looking jackets that are made like bike seats.


“It’s a new technique. It’s a technique they use in one place in Italy not for clothes, but to do seats for bikes,” explains designer Italo Zucchelli.  “I saw it and thought it was very interesting and I wanted to apply it to my clothes. It’s foam inside of it. And I bonded the foam with fabric — wool — and used a heat-molding process to create patterns and those indented stripes. It was a very nice way to express modernism.”



And who is the target customer? Zucchelli thinks it is perfect for “guys in cities who are using the regular puffy jacket. It’s very sleek. It looks modern. It looks good. It’s for a younger guy that wants to be different.”


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Anonymous said...

NOT a fan of the jackets. If Blaine Cook unfortunately can't pull it off, no one can.

Homotography said...

Haha, Tribal, we share a crush on the same model. I think Blaine is one of the most understated beauties right now.