Saturday, February 7, 2009

Simon Nessman Flaunts Dresses For Rene Habermacher


If you thought no man would wear the creations from the Romain Kremer SS09 I showed you a couple weeks ago in my WTF post, you were wrong.  Check out the hunky Simon Nessman wearing the white sheer dress from that collection in a new editorial in Tokion by photographer Rene Habermacher. Somehow Simon manages to carry off the piece, which is not an easy task. Check out more below where he is styled by Jason Farrar in more interesting pieces.



+ see more at Major Models

+ see more Simon Nessman | Romain Kremer SS09 & FW09 collections

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F6's Editor said...

I am actually an advocate of men switching back or reclaiming the effective benefits of the European male dress styles, especially in the summer time. As switching to a professional attire that incorporates a crisp dress skirt would actually improve the environment because the fabrics would not have to be cleaned as often as they wouldn't generate as much body heat and skin friction or soiling.

This post helps to prove that it is possible to still be a man and wear a skirt, even if it is just part of an advert campaign. Thank you.

BTW I thoroughly enjoy viewing your blog forum.