Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Extra Beauty :: Derrick Pigford by Hedi Slimane


In addition to the generous number of images in the ‘Hedi Goes West’ editorial in the second issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, Hedi Slimane shares more photos of young ‘n fresh model Derrick Pigford in his diary.



+ more  Derrick Pigford | Hedi Slimane | original editorial



Oliver Reeve said...

Geh. Where am I supposed to pick this up? I've been to 3 different news stands around San Diego and I can't seem to find any trace of this magazine.

Homotography said...

Hey LM, I doubt you can find it in regular newsstands. Their site has a store where you can order issue 1 or 2, but the instructions are in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Derrick Pigford (unfortunate last name) looks HOT in those pics.