Thursday, June 4, 2009

Matthias Vriens, Doug Porter & Missy Set Numéro On Fire


Matthias Vriens sets the new issue of Numéro magazine on fire with a sizzling poolside editorial featuring models Doug Porter and Missy Rayder with styling by Samuel Francois.  I’ve been holding off on posting this editorial until I could find high quality and complete images, and I have to thank Andrey’s World for coming up with the goods.



Doug Porter & Missy Rayder exchange nudity in each of the shots with Doug displaying his deliciously cute bum and almost giving us a frontal in a couple of the images. Even with the excessive nudity, Matthias manages to keep it tasteful. This reminds me of last year’s ‘In Love’ with Andrés Velencoso Segura & Daria Werbowy.   


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suicideinparis said...

What a disappointment. Missy just ruins the shots. Why is male frontal nudity so risque in fashion photography? (Besides Tom Ford ad campaigns)

Shirtless Superheroes said...
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Shirtless Superheroes said...

Well, suicideinparis, if its any consolation, Missy got her vage photoshopped off in this pic

Thanks for posting this, Homotography. I love CFNM and I LOVE your blog!