Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ryan McGinley Takes Over London with Moonmilk


Photographer Ryan McGinley is one busy dude these days. He went from starring in the Marc Jacobs Collection S/S 09 ads to doing the award winning Wranglers ads and new Levi’s campaign. Ryan recently debuted some of his new photos in Switzerland, but fans in London should be happy to know that Alison Jacques Gallery is running a Ryan McGinley solo exhibit  of new material between September 10 and October 8. The central theme of the exhibit ‘Moonmilk’ is of naked young people in caves, captured in the McGinley style.



The press release explains, “Over the last year, McGinley and his crew explored huge caves underground, venturing into unknown territory, seeking out spectacular natural spaces, some previously undocumented. The title of the show “Moonmilk” alludes to the crystalline deposits found on the walls of many caves; it was once believed that this substance was formed by light from celestial bodies passing through rock into darkened worlds below.”



You can buy the Moonmilk book now on Amazon. Talking about Ryan, here is a previous video directed by him for The New York Times Magazine. It’s called ‘Shooting Stars’ and it features him shooting movie stars.



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Richard said...

love that -- the beauty of nature with meeting and no arrested adolescence shyness.