Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting It On With Jean-Baptiste Mondino


I just randomly found that Jean-Baptiste Mondino sings. Yes, the iconic photographer and video director can beautifully carry a tune. Mondino has a song titled ‘Get It On’ on the compilation album La Musique de Paris Dernière. And talking about getting it on, that is exactly the theme of the new Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male fragrance commercial. Directed by Mondino, hunky model Robert Perovich gets it on with Michelle Buswell then leaves her with his designer smell.



And here is a making-of clip



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1 comment:

Gaby said...

I've seen the other vids and loved them, and now I love this one. I especially loved the fact that Robert only seems more determined to show off his beauty and sexiness as time passes, not less. One negative comment: In the first pic, Robert looks like he is waiting to be topped, surely not the hetero scene the gay directors of the vids envisioned! Will anyone complain? LOL.