Monday, November 9, 2009

Judgment Day by Troy Dunham & Jeff Eason


Troy Dunham shares with Homotography this epic art piece, “Judgment Day,” that he created with photographer Jeff Eason [Wilsonmodels]. A modern day re-interpretation of the classic Paul Rubens painting "The Last Judgment," he explains that the piece was created specifically for OUTAuction NYC 2009, the GLAAD Art Auction.



You can start bidding on this piece, alongside other offerings from the likes of Steven Klein and Herb Ritts, on November 15.


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Baldwin said...

I've never known God was this HOT!

Enrique Adolfo Simmonds Barrios said...

Baldwin... You have allll the reason...!!!!
he's so HOOOTT!!

yositosoy said...

Very michelangelo buonarotti