Monday, March 8, 2010

Before The Game by Domenico Cennamo


Sport is definitely the dominant theme in current erotic male photography. We've recently seen the sexy Players of Rick Day, Russian athletes stripped to their undies for GQ Style, and naked Gods of the Stadium by Tony Duran. And who could forget the perverted Brazilian players in the locker-rooms of ffw mag? The latest addition to this growing trend is Before The Game, the debut book from Italian photographer Domenico Cennamo. The book captures the emotional and physical stripping of players before they go out and fight to win. The fact the Domenico did not use professional models and did not go for artificial poses results in fluid and natural images that communicate more than the physical beauty of these young men. Click the images for bigger size, and see more (warning: full frontal) after the jump.



+ special thanks to Bruno Gmünder for the images | buy this book on Amazon

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Richard said...

oh look, it's actual nudity. shame that men in north america are such prudes in person preferring the flaccid nature of cheap parties and their pathology as well as seeing this pathetic decade long development.

Richard said...

p.s. most glbt people haven't had their game on for so long, that hateful people are still ignorantly protesting the funerals of glbt service people in a country where we still supposedly have "don't ask, don't tell" -- no thanks to the reprehensible game of these train wreck excuses for community. cute photos -- shame the impotent train wrecks don't translate off the screen.