Monday, March 8, 2010

HUNG Advertising Gets Cheeky


When a show is built on the premise of its main character having a very large penis, you can expect ad agencies to get cheeky with the campaigns. And that is the case of these new outdoor billboards in New Zealand promoting Hung [DVD, Blu-Ray]. Done by BBDO, above we have a billboard that says 'He's got a big one.' The suggestive copy is coupled with the fact that the billboard's pole is positioned right in his crotch area, resulting in an interesting visual. Another billboard takes the shape of a well-filled pair of briefs, which surely got the attention of passersby's as you can see below.



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Phunk Factor said...

Hahahahaha....I love it!!! Especially the pole one....freak'in creative!!!

This ought to get ppl's attention...way better than the OMFG GG Campaign!!

Richard said...

your site is usually amusing, yet, this goes in a different direction of amusing -- after years of flaccid prunes, this may explain why ground zero is still a pit. amusing when i find gay men so boring any more.