Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Gods of David Vance, Encore


All this Gods of Football talk reminded me of the Gods series by David Vance. I posted about it when I first started Homotography (see here), and I figured now is a good time for a second helping of the Gods.



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Flashback :: Jamie Bell is a Sexy Mother Fucker


A flashback to the August 2007 issue of Dazed & Confused with the editorial ‘Sexy Mother Fucker’ by Mariano Vivanco. Jamie Bell was styled by Nicola Formichetti.



This issue featured a striking cover of Luke Worrall by Mariano as well.



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Tyler Riggs is a Venus Boy in Tush Magazine


In keeping with their gender bending theme, the new issue of Tush magazine has this beautifully unusual editorial ‘The Venus Boys.’ The photography is by Nagi Sakai and the exquisite realization is by Tyron Machhausen. The featured models are Tyler Riggs , Dennis Johnson and Tommy Cox.



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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Facial Hair & Gender Bending by Armin Morbach in Tush



I was charmed by Tush magazine ever since I saw the cortchvertising editorial which paired watches with crotches. However, they rarely run male editorials, which is why I am excited that their new issue #16 has a couple of them. Photographer Armin Morbach (who also did that cheeky watch editorial) keeps his sense of humor in this one ‘Pret-A-Bartes.’ It gives you all the facial hair styles you could desire; from a budding stache to a full Bin Laden beard. The model is Luis, with Karim Amerchih doing the hair and make-up.


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The three images below are also by Armin Morbach from the feature ‘Gender Bender’ with model Sebastian Simon. You can see the three gender-bending covers of this issue here.


Jesus Luz in L'Officiel Hommes #16


Jesus Luz is the cover boy of the upcoming issue #16 of L'Officiel Hommes. In the editorial ‘Ray of Light’ by Milan Vukmirovic, Jesus makes sure he gives Madonna a shout out by wearing a Madonna cap, good boy! I really like the beach scenes, which took place in Miami, very Cherish..




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David Jensen by Henrique Gendre in Dzarm Winter 2009


Brazilian brand Dzarm goes ‘teenage spirit’ in the Winter 2009 ad campaign. It was shot by Henrique Gendre with models David Jensen (who was in the recent D&G Gym catalogue) including his sexy cheek mole, Ricardo Merini, Aline Weber, and Isadora di Domenico. You can see more at their site.



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Stephen Kroeger Rocks Free Magazine


Stephen Kroeger [Mode Models] has come a long way since these test shots by Joshua McVeity that we featured a while back. Here he is in a new editorial in Free Magazine, from Athens, Greece. He is full of attitude and his body looks great. Stephen is joined by models Brett and Anna.  I can’t wait to see what he’s up to next. I have no idea who the photographer is, anyone?


Friday, May 29, 2009

Phillip Toledano’s Banging Bag Editorials


Who says a luxurious bag is only for show? It can come in handy in certain situations as well. I have always loved the work of photographer Phillip Toledano, and these two sets of bag editorials are no exception.



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'Love, Hate, Bigotry, Fear & Desire’ by Reno Ranger


After recently featuring the editorial ‘Layers’ by Reno Ranger from the Evolution issue of Bello Mag, I visited Reno’s site and was greeted by this striking editorial 'Love, Hate, Bigotry, Fear & Desire.'


The models depicting these human emotions are Jan, Lars & Kid, all with Place Models, Hamburg. The hair and make-up is by Ina Cierniak from Nina Klein.